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派對和蛋糕Ok, it’s actually a little over 500 posts but I forgot and missed it. I’ve been blogging for about 8 months now and have done quite well.

我的Technorati,Power 150和 Alexa的 ranks are far above where I ever imagined they would be. I’m actually making a tidy income on the blog as well – far from 約翰週 身份,但足以讓我養成無脂肪,無鞭打,摩卡,星巴克的習慣。

我是怎麼做到的? 努力工作。 (單擊鏈接:每當我觀看Loren時,我都想去參加洋基隊比賽,吃一些狗,並向一些Red Sox球迷扔啤酒!)

Since Loren asked, I am regularly up at 3AM (sometimes all night) blogging. I live in Indianapolis so I don’t have the opportunity to go out with my Silicon Valley brothers – but I’ve been surprised at how well I’ve stayed in touch and on top of trends by splitting my time between research, testing, sharing, connecting, being a catalyst, and remaining passionate.

示例:昨晚和今天,它正在發現 地理微格式 並實施它們 地址修復 來自英國的新朋友安迪。

I should be celebrating but I’m going to miss this party tonight. Perhaps I’ll try and fit something in for blog post 1,000… I’m not sure. I do know that large changes are on the horizon in my life thanks to my newly found ability to connect people and technologies through my blog. I’ve always been good at discovering and sharing information. The blog has just provided the perfect medium to effectively reach the most people. I’ve reached over 100,000 of you…5,500 people on my best day. That’s breathtaking to me. I couldn’t imagine speaking to 5,500 people in a single day but I did it.

事實是,博客比其他任何一個都充實 工作 that I’ve ever had. The readers that I share information with are gracious, polite, respectful, appreciative and honest. I’ve helped hundreds of bloggers personally to improve their blogs – and I could never have done that without the assistance of those bloggers before me who shared so selflessly. I thank them for their untiring enthusiasm and relentless search for the answers we’re all seeking. As well, I thank my close circle of friends who continue to encourage me and tell me that they know there is more to come my way.

So… Happy 500th to all of you. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for inspiring me to work harder than I ever have. Blogging has never been a chore, it’s been my passion. I can’t get enough of books, articles, blogs, comments, nor technology. I’m now actively consulting companies on their blogging strategy – something I wouldn’t have ever guessed I’d be doing 8 months ago.

正如羅蘭(直接)所說的那樣,我 am an A-List blogger. I need not be on any physical list. Because you return and share in the discussion with me daily, you’ve made me number 1. I’m there! I don’t care what any list or rank shows. I owe you all much more because of the attention you’ve given me.


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    很高興我不是第一個發表評論的人。 如果我是我的初學者,我會擔心您可能會認為我只是在評論,這樣我的博客就可以吸引訪問量。 你教我的,我的布魯薩。 繼續走下去。 您的慷慨已經使您與朋友變得富有...我希望您的銀行帳戶也能增加!

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      Pat的友誼比任何銀行帳戶都值錢。 我確實編輯了該帖子(在您發表評論之前),實際上在“朋友”上扔了一個指向您博客的鏈接,因此無論如何您都將獲得該鏈接。 您繼續鼓勵我,讓我渴望更多。 您在這裡的任何“朋友”鏈接上都有第一手討論。

      對於那些不認識Pat的人,我們經常在驅動器上通過電話聊天,討論我們如何改變世界(或試圖改變世界)。 帕特(Pat)擁有一個很棒的博客-他的寫作技巧比我的要好得多,他渴望將聖經與生活聯繫起來。

      Pat創立了幾家成功的公司,比任何人都更了解朋友,客戶和市場營銷的含義。 哎呀,他甚至把小馬隊帶到了超級碗! 那傢伙佩頓有點幫助。


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    恭喜,道格。 我很喜歡閱讀您的博客,並希望再有500個。 有傳言說,博客作者可以在第1000個職位後領取養老金–因此,我想您現在正處於博客生活中期的危機中。 🙂

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    恭喜道格! 您在很短的時間內就走了很長一段路。





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      謝謝,肖恩。 在此期間,您向我拋出了一些很棒的SEO和CSS技巧,我非常感謝所有幫助! 您也是我的IE6(糟糕!)看門狗。

      期待更多提示……喜歡找出為什麼我的Pagerank總是看起來為零的原因! 給我一些幫助,谷歌男孩!


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