Two issues that enterprise marketing professionals are constantly fighting online are the ability to reduce their site’s load times AND the ability to quickly deploy additional tagging options on their web properties. The typical enterprise corporation may have a deployment schedule that takes weeks or even months to get changes to the site.

我們的一位企業客戶已集成 明亮標籤在其網站上進行企業標記管理,結果令人難以置信。 他們的網站正在運行多個 分析 腳本以及其他一些工具。 通過將所有標籤放入BrightTag,它們的加載時間大大減少-他們可以管理集成的工具以及如何直接從BrightTag進行操作,而不會影響網站團隊。

Here’s a short video from the 2013 CEC Merrick Momentum Awards.

BrightTag標記管理使您擺脫了標記的限制,因此您花費更少的時間來處理代碼,而花費了更多的時間進行創新。 一個標籤就可以完成所有操作。


  • 配置和更新標籤 in seconds. Break free from the IT development cycle and manage tags on your own timeline. BrightTag’s workflow lets you easily manage tags whenever and however you’re ready. Instantly create a tag that you can preview, activate and deactivate, whenever you need to.
  • 加快您的網站 without losing valuable data. Patented Server-Direct and parallel tag loading pack a one-two punch for performance. BrightTag’s Server-Direct passes data to your partners in real-time, trimming the number of tags on your site and stopping data loss in its tracks. BrightTag also smartly loads tag code without blocking page content so your users don’t get stuck waiting for slow tags.
  • 捕獲每個用戶操作和數據元素 在您的網站上,並與您的任何合作夥伴共享。 一鍵審核在哪裡收集數據以及誰在接收數據。
  • 商業規則 使您能夠確定何時以及如何觸發代碼,控制廣告系列的歸因,直接比較供應商,微調您的營銷工作等等。 從一組預先配置的觸發規則中進行選擇,或使用我們的條件規則構建器創建自己的規則。
  • 實時標籤監控和報告。 立即了解您網站每個頁面上的每個標記。 簡單的儀表板視圖可讓您輕鬆了解標籤的運行狀況,同時進行我們的監控 API 允許您將統計數據直接連接到工具中。
  • 更快的標籤錯誤響應,丟失的數據更少。 實時錯誤報告可更快地識別和修復數據質量問題。 現實情況是,通過瀏覽器運行的標記代碼導致錯誤的可能性要高10倍。 實時錯誤報告可幫助您快速識別差異,採取措施並防止數據丟失。
  • 零足跡 移動標籤. BrightTag’s Server-Direct sync connects your mobile website and apps to 分析 and marketing partners data natively. Instead of shoe-horning legacy Javascript code into a hidden browser, BrightTag’s lightweight approach saves your app bandwidth for user interactions, not tags.
  • 合作夥伴目錄. With configure-and-go integrations for hundreds of partner tags, you’re up and running in minutes. Intuitive search tools help you easily find your vendor partners by name or code, while our Smart Custom Tag gives you flexibility when you need it.
  • 配置隱私策略 that allow users to opt-out. With global privacy regulation constantly changing, you need a flexible tool that doesn’t require you to take apart your website every time the law changes. Honor your customers’ choices around data collection and get tags in line.
  • 專門知識. When tags get tricky, BrightTag has a team of tagging experts who’ve seen it all and provide you the resources you need.


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