While video isn’t played by modern email clients, you can still capture your audience’s attention with animated gifs. A well-designed animated gif can increase your 電子郵件的點擊率(兩位數) and they look fantastic on your average website without driving away visitors. Visitors aren’t used to seeing a subtle movement in an image in or around content in the browser unless they’re clicking a play button.


The question for designers is how does someone go about making them? You can absolutely utilize a tool like Photoshop and generate the animation by pulling frames from a video… but that can take quite a bit of work. That’s where Cinegif comes in – a platform specifically built for creating animated gifs.


至於網絡,可以在Twitter和Google+上的“社交媒體”中使用動畫gif(但不能在Facebook…booo上)使用。 Google+甚至允許它用於活動和封面照片。 動畫gif也可以在PowerPoint和Keynote中使用……為您的下一個演示文稿增添趣味。 隨著MMS成為主流,動畫gif也可以通過iOS和Android短信發送!

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