I’ve been meaning to write about this since before the New Year but I had to get the ‘ol scanner out to pull together these images of some direct mail I’ve received recently. The bottom line is that 一些 直郵仍然有效。 這是3個示例:

  • 傑克·海豪 寄給我他的書 飛豬的智慧. I think this is my actual first ‘gift’ as a blogger! I’ve got a couple books on my nightstand right now to finish – but I’m looking forward to digging into this one. It was really neat to get a handwritten note from Jack along with the book. That Jack took the time to write me and send the book means a lot already!
  • CVS Pharmacy sent me a card for the holidays thanking me for my patronage. It was even personally signed by each of the staff! My CVS is fantastic. It really reminds me a lot of the corner store we used to visit growing up in the boonies out in Newtown Connecticut (That store was named Crossroads… they used to let the kids pick up beer and walk it home to our parents with a phone call… man am I old!). If CVS had fruit, I probably wouldn’t go grocery shopping at all! CVS proves that you can be a huge chain and still treat people like your neighbor.
  • 維基媒體 給我發了一張帶便條的卡片,感謝我對 維基百科 last year. I often take my Paypal funds and give them back to plugin developers and websites that ask for donations – if their software or service is useful. I use Wikipedia a lot on this blog so you’ll be happy to know that part of the advertising proceeds of the site are rolled back to other sites. (The remainder is needed to pay for my son’s college education!).

It’s interesting in this day and age that folks still recognize what the ‘human’ touch means. Jack could have sent me his book through Amazon, and CVS and Wikimedia could have just as easily sent me an email thanking me. I’m a huge advocate of email… I love the fact that it can be personalized and automated. This took a little bit more effort and definitely cost a little more. That tells me that these folks thought I was important enough to their business that it was worth investing in me. That’s a strong message, isn’t it?

That’s the type of direct mail that works. The other thousands of pieces of direct mail I get here aren’t worth mentioning. I’ve told clients before that the amount of time you have to get someone’s attention with direct mail is the time it takes for them to walk from their mailbox to their garbage can. I’ve not changed my mind on that at all. Sending a handwritten package or thank-you card definitely gets my attention!

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    肯定地。 我們想要人與人之間的聯繫-難道這不是博客如此龐大的原因之一嗎?


    我們的祖父母過去常常通過手寫情書進行交流。 今天,這是一個快速的短信。 不完全一樣,是嗎?

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    >飛豬的智慧。 我認為這是我真正的第一個禮物? 作為博客!



    我也已於去年年底開始這樣做。 能夠回饋他們的時間來製作我們每天使用的東西,這是一種很好的感覺。

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    這是給所有廣告客戶的通知,我很便宜,容易而且誠實。 你可以買我,但是我要讓所有人知道我已經被買了。 🙂

    我在貝寶(Paypal)上同意您的看法。 我希望這是一個持續的趨勢。 開源對我們所有人都有好處!


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    作為數據庫營銷商,很難量化這種費用,不是嗎? 但是,因為您無法衡量某事並不意味著它是一個好主意。 “做正確的事”的公司開始真正取得進步。 我確實相信,總有一天,我們會為公司建立一個“社會效益”指數,這樣人們就可以與對國家有好處而不是壞事的公司合作。


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    毫無疑問,做正確的事是件好事。 而且,我將是第一個落後於表現出色的公司的人。 與在電視廣告上花錢相比,花時間進行這些活動可帶來更高的投資回報率。

    很多年前,我和霍爾馬克(Hallmark)的人坐在一個房間裡。 他們想為我的公司創建一個自動的“謝謝”程序,並與CRM系統綁定。 對我來說,這與您所提倡的相反。 在做好事情,做一件看起來不錯的事情和試圖增加利潤之間存在著一條很好的界限。 就您而言,如果做得好,銷售和利潤將隨之而來。


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    我們公司已經成倍增加了回報。 電子郵件還可以,但它正在變得
    越來越不可靠。 垃圾郵件和垃圾郵件過多。 它變得煩人了。
    直郵; 但是,繼續進行銷售,正如您所說的,“人類

    最適合我們所代表的目錄公司。 有很大的價值
    在多渠道營銷中。 一家公司再也不能只依靠一種營銷手段了。




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