FTC最近關閉了許多垃圾郵件發送者。 垃圾郵件仍然是一個大問題,我每天都會收到數百封郵件。 我可以過濾電子郵件(我以前使用MailWasher),但是放棄了。 還有其他選擇-使用SPAM服務,要求每個人都有權向我發送電子郵件,但我喜歡可以訪問。

Now the problem spreads. I get Comment and Trackback Spam on my blog. Every day, I login and there are 5 to 10 messages that Akismet hasn’t caught. No fault of theirs – their service has caught over 4,000 comments SPAMs on my blog.

When will the FTC get involved with other types of SPAM aside from email? I think a great comparison is this… I buy a store on a great street with lots of traffic. As soon as I move in and the SPAM shop down the street finds me, they want to get some of my customers. So – they stick up posters on my store’s window advertising their store. They don’t ask me permission – they just do it.

It’s like someone hanging a poster on my storefront advertising his store. Why isn’t that illegal?

In the real world, I’d be able to stop this. I could ask the person to stop, get the police to ask them to stop, or ultimately I could sue them or press charges. However, on the Internet, I can’t do that. I know the address of the SPAMMER… I know his domain (Where he lives). How come I can’t shut him down? It seems to me that we should be afforded the same criminal and civil actions that we are provided had my storefront (blog) been a real street address.

It’s time to expand the legislation and put some technology behind these laws. I think SPAMMER IP’s should be blocked on an ongoing basis from name servers throughout the world. If people could not get to them, they would stop.


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