As the modern world places increasing importance on speed and flexibility, the ability to infuse real-time, highly relevant pricing and sales guidance into their sales channels can give businesses the upper hand on competitors when meeting customer expectations. Of course, as the demands of performance increase, so do the complexities of business. 

Market conditions and business dynamics are changing increasingly fast, leaving companies struggling to respond to pricing triggers — events like cost changes, tariffs, competitive pricing, inventory status, or anything that necessitates a price change — quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Once predictable and manageable, pricing triggers are happening much more frequently. 

今天, B2B customers expect a consumer-like experience from their business suppliers – particularly concerning price. Despite the inherent complexity of B2B pricing, customers expect that prices accurately reflect market conditions, are fair, tailored and instantaneously available – even for large quotes.

Relying on legacy approaches to set prices has only compounded the negative effects of an influx of pricing triggers. Rather, visionary leaders should reimagine their methods to deliver Real-Time Market Pricing. 

實時市場定價 是一種既動態又科學的定價願景。 與其他動態定價方法不同,它不止於規則自動化。 它可以快速做出響應,但是以一種智能的方式。



Ensuring that pricing performs well enough in traditional channels is challenging; companies have been stretched further with the entrance of eCommerce.

The most pressing questions I hear from B2B company leaders regarding a robust eCommerce solution are related to pricing. Questions include:

  • 在線應向客戶展示什麼價格?
  • 如何區分足夠的價格以兌現現有的客戶關係?
  • What if my online prices are lower than what my customers have been paying?
  • 我如何才能以合適的價格吸引新客戶開始與我開展業務,而又不會犧牲太多利潤?
  • Are my prices good enough to sell new items to customers without talking to a sales rep or needing to negotiate?

All these questions are more than valid; however, solving one in isolation won’t give you long-term competitiveness in this essential channel. Rather, eCommerce pricing must be truly dynamic. 動態定價 – while something of a buzzword – means that your customers see prices relevant to market conditions at any given time. In other words, Real-Time Market Pricing. 

While the definition is simple, achieving it isn’t as straightforward. Real-time market pricing for eCommerce is impossible when the only tools in your toolbox are traditional spreadsheets and disparate data sources that grow stale before they can be analyzed, let alone acted upon.

Rather, pricing software vendors can help you set discrete yet simultaneous price strategies online that achieve multiple goals for the business while providing customers the pricing they expect with no lag time. 

一種電子商務用例是利用特定於在線的數據(例如瀏覽量,轉化,購物車放棄和庫存可用性)來為電子商務價格設置多種折扣策略。 例如,較高的廣告資源和瀏覽量以及較低的轉化率可能表明價格過高。 (有價格觸發!)

Setting smarter discount strategies is infinitely easier with this approach, which allows the user to easily pull in and analyze disparate data sets, but also adjust discounting breaks on the fly. For example, quickly setting a 30 percent price discount at 20 units when data indicates prices are too high to move inventory. When integrated via high-availability API, your eCommerce channel can instantly update new prices or discounts. 


  • 產品類別或SKU級別的現有客戶和新訪客的差別定價
  • 設置可以針對客戶群和產品組進行個性化(或定向)的電子商務特定折扣
  • 提供特定於客戶的協議價格和動態分級定價,以在線中斷數量
  • 集成基於彈性的價格優化,確保全渠道價格一致性,從而實現業務的收入和利潤率目標

Shifting from reactionary, cumbersome processes requires reimagining a more proactive, data-science-driven approach to delivering Real-Time Market Pricing. By doing so, businesses can better meet customers’ expectations online. 


The same benefits of Real-Time Market Pricing for eCommerce are easily extended to other pricing and order processes within a B2B company. When dynamic, optimized prices are delivered via high-performing API, the sky is virtually the limit regarding the types of real-life problems you can solve. 

A notable beneficiary of the real-time pricing feature is long-time Zilliant client Shaw Industries Group Inc.. This global flooring provider operates in excess of $2 billion dollars worth of annual revenue with millions of customer price agreement lines.  

肖利用定價功能來實時驗證其訂單是否與商定的定價相符,然後根據我們可以輕鬆更改的批准級別將其路由到正確的批准人。 如果發現任何價格不匹配,則將訂單直接發送到相應的聯繫點以立即批准或更正。 該軟件功能使Shaw每天可以成功處理大約15,000個請求,并快速,輕鬆地更改工作流程和批准級別。 這些類型的更改要花幾週或幾個月才能在我們的舊系統中生效。

邵氏工業收入優化總監卡拉·克拉克(Carla Clark)


電子商務的實時市場定價 或其他渠道應立即可用,量身定制的價格應在各個渠道之間保持一致,並準確反映當前的市場狀況和客戶關係。 即使對於大報價請求,也應立即交付,在談判過程中不應有任何滯後。 另外,對於真正動態和實時的解決方案,它還應該:

  • 反映根據各種輸入計算和/或優化的當前市場價格 
  • 更智能地使用來自各種無限來源的更多數據 
  • Deliver pricing aligned with strategy across channels in real-time
  • 智能地自動化批准,談判,反建議
  • 提供個性化的交叉銷售和追加銷售建議

要了解更多有關 實時市場定價 立即提供量身定制,智能且與市場相關的價格,請閱讀Zilliant的公告:



Pete擁有20年的產品戰略經驗,可幫助財富500強公司利用大數據來改善業務績效。 作為產品和科學部門的高級副總裁,Pete負責領導 齊利安特的研發工作,並定義產品生命週期和要求。 在加入Zilliant之前,Pete曾擔任Yclip產品營銷副總裁。 在加入Yclip之前,Pete負責管理KD1的高度可擴展的數據挖掘和決策支持應用程序,這些應用程序由Walgreens,Lowe's Home Improvement和Pepsi / Frito Lay使用。



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